Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 update notifications has started to appear on some PC’s.  Microsoft started sending out an upgrade notification to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users. Some users have already received notification of free update to Windows 10.  This notification starts appearing (see picture below) after a certain windows update is applied to the PC.

User’s love hate relationship with their OS aside, since it’s on its way to please many of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users (being released on July 29 2015 according to Microsoft), its worth taking some time to see what its got that Windows 8 & 8.1 users can look forward to.

10 Coolest features of Windows 10

1. Start Menu 

Windows 7 style start menu, combined with Windows 8 metro with live tiles which can be turned off.  You can even re-size the start menu.

2. Metro Apps

Metro apps now open in a desktop window with a toolbar which allows you to alter their interface and re-size it to fit your desktop, instead of full screen metro mode.

3. Action Center Notification

Notification popups slide into view to remind you of all sorts of useful information and they are archived here.

4. Cortana

Cortana can search information using voice or text commands.  It can find files, folders and other information on your PC, corporate network or OneDrive, and also do your online query for you using its bing-powered cloud smarts.

5. Microsoft Edge

A brand new browser built for speed and new web.  Write or type notes right in your browser and share with others.

6. Mail and Calendar

Enhanced mail and calendar app now supports POP and Google calendar.  Swipe action allows you to sort mail quickly.

7. Virtual Desktop

Separate your work into multiple desktops to avoid clutter.   For example, do accounting and Excel on one, Mail and social media on the other and documents etc on the third one. You can always move apps between desktop if you choose to.

8. Xbox app

Stream your Xbox game to Windows 10 PC or tablet.

9. Continuum

Switches mode between Metro (shown in picture below) and desktop depending on the device you are using.  It defaults to metro for tablets and desktop for PC’s without touch screen.  However, when a keyboard is attached, it switches from metro to PC mode.  If you want to switch modes manually, you can do so in Action Center.

10. Settings

Instead of the Charms menu,  now there is settings option right from the start menu.

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