Windows side bar with gadgets that we all came to love because it gave us a quick glance at News, Weather, Performance etc has became a leverage for hackers.

Vulnerabilities in Windows Gadgets can be exploited to take full control of user’s computer.
This is why Microsoft has retired the feature in newer releases of Windows and recommends that Windows Vista and Windows 7 users who are concerned about vulnerable or malicious gadgets disable the feature as soon as possible.

Choose the option for disabling Windows Sidebar and gadgets that best suits your computing environment and level of expertise.

If you are a system administrator(with domain in place) and Group Policy is enabled on your network, then the Group Policy procedure will allow you to implement the procedure on multiple systems across your network.

If it is a Workgroup or personal computer and you are familiar with working with the registry editor, then the system registry procedure is an option to disable Windows Sidebar.

Take extra caution when editing registry as incorrect or missing values in registry can crash Windows.

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