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E-commerce giant eBay Inc. is asking customers to change their passwords after a recent hack that the company says exposed customer names and passwords, but didn’t manage to steal any financial information.

The company says the attack happened between February and March when hackers accessed a database containing customer names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, birth dates, physical addresses and phone numbers.

Here are some tips for ebay safety and  the step by step picture tutorial below to change your password to secure your account.
You must be logged on to your account to change the password.

1. Once logged onto your account, Click on Account tab and click on Edit  password.

2. Enter your email or User ID at the next screen.

3. Select the method you want to use to reset your password.
Text option may not be displayed for some users, depending on their account settings.

4. If you chose Email then you will receive one like the one below with a link.
Click on link to resetting your password.

5. The link will bring you to the page below. Enter your password twice to reset it.
Create a password that has combination of upper and lower case, numbers and characters.

6. Login using your email or User ID and password.

7. Once logged on, hower your cursor over My eBay and click on Summary as it shows in the image below.

8.  Click on Activity and the Purchase history.  Confirm that there isn’t anything that you didn’t purchase.

9.  If yo notice something unusual then hover over customer support at the top right corner and click Customer Support from the menu.

10.  Click Contact eBay > Account > someone has used my account  to start the resolution process.

Please give us a call at 519 854 3977 if  you still need help.  We are located in St Thomas, Ontario near Elgin Mall.

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