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  1. Free diagnostics for all desktops and laptops.
  2. PC Tune up and Cleanup.
  3. Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Adware, Spyware removal.
  4. Data retrieval.
  5. Email related issues and setup.
  6. Automatic backup
  7. Device driver related issues.
  8. Software related issues.
  9. Internet connectivity.
  10. Modem and router setup.
  11. Wireless security.
  12. Network setup
  13. Network file sharing setup.
  14. Cloud backup.
  15. Windows ” blue screen of death ” fix.
  16. Windows repair/installation.
  17. Hardware repair/replacement.  Motherboard replacement, Processor replacement,  laptop screen replacement, sound card, graphic card, network card, memory upgrade, hard drive, optical drive, fan and heat sink replacement etc  (Desktops and Laptops).
  18. Inside the case cleanup.
  19. Windows upgrades.
  20. Remote support.
  21. Phone support.
  22. In and Out calls

And everything and anything you might need done with your computers, laptops and network devices.  Just give us a call 5192076661

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